Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5pm

Salary: $13/hr.

The IT Assistant is responsible for maintaining and supporting the information technology systems including servers, workstations, software applications and related hardware, such as printers, scanners, phones, etc.

Examples of Essential Functions and Responsibilities

• Provides technical support in the use of work computer hardware, software and related hardware to maintain a smooth, efficient and reliable information technology network system.

• Sets up, installs and configures computers, printers, scanners, phones etc., software and accounts. Keeps backup images of all computers for quick reimaging of computers when necessary. Maintains these images and improves on them in consultation with the IT Manager.

• Monitors, trouble shoots, diagnoses problems, implements corrective action procedures and/or escalates to other technical resources as appropriate.

• Maintains, updates or creates systems, databases and reports to track network activity.

• Inventory and tracks all hardware and software and reports any discrepancies, missing and/or illegal software to the IT Manager. Assists in maintaining an inventory of software and hardware using Excel spreadsheets

• Responds to problems promptly and professionally.

• Monitors all software patches, including anti-virus and spyware updates throughout the enterprise. The job entails monitoring the work stations and servers at the data center and reporting errors/discrepancies to the IT Manager.

• Monitors backup files and restores files for the data center; reports errors/discrepancies to the IT Manager for assistance in resolving problems. Follows resolution instructions from the IT Director and/or with the assistance of the IT Manager when appropriate.

• Assists users and  forwards unusual or unique problems

• Maintains a track record of tasks and day-to-day problems with their resolutions and producing weekly reports to the IT Manager and the IT Director.

• Periodically surveys workstations and workers for problems that may need corrections; monitors workstations for security lapses or breaches.

• Assists in maintaining network security and reports suspicious activity to the IT Manager.


Core Competencies

• Knowledge of computers, operating systems (Windows 7 and beyond) and the Microsoft Office suite of software.

• Ability to patiently provide technical support, guidance and direction to non-technical employees in person and over the phone.

• Professional and outstanding customer service at all times.

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